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More About SII

Startup Ideas Igniter goal is to help students who want to turn an idea into a real business to find the ideal co-founder in order to fulfill their dreams and on the other hand those with the right skills to fit in the right idea.


Let’s say that you are a marketing student with an amazing idea for a mobile application startup but you don’t have enough money in order to hire a developer to build your application.

So you decide that you prefer to share your idea with the Unijobs' community in order to convince someone with the right skills to become your co-founder and build a startup together.

When you decide to go with SII all you need to do is to signup as a Startup Idea and post the co-founders position you are looking for among with what you are willing to offer for them.

Beside the people who will apply to your idea you have the option to send up to 10 invitations for each position per month to candidates you believe that fit best the role you are looking to fill.

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