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Writing a cover letter

Writing a cover letter

Cover letters are very important one page documents that you send with you CV when applying on a job. When writing a cover letter, you should contain an introduction presenting yourself to the company, reasons why you’d be good fit for that position, complete places on your CV which you cannot describe and some further explanation of other aspects that cannot be described.

These four aspects, can completed a powerful companion to a well-written CV (steps in previous article). For your cover letter, you should do the following:

1. Contact Information

Before start presenting yourself to the company, you should add your contact info such as full name, address, email and phone number.

2. Introduction

You should start by explaining who you are and what position or program you are applying for and how you learned about it. Briefly present your educational background and career goals.

3. Sell Yourself

In the second paragraph you should describe how your past work experience, skills and abilities with allow you to meet the company’s needs concerning the specific job description. You could also use similar phrases to those included in the job description. Also, if you make a research you could add skills related to the company’s philosophy.

4. Conclusion

In the final paragraph you should inform them that you’d love to be interviewed and thank them for spending time on reading your cover letter.

To conclude, a cover letter, should be short and to the point. Have in mind that the manager will read dozens of them, so it shouldn’t be longer than one page.