How to build the perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

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How to build the perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

A CV is the most important document of yours. When seeking for a job, sending your CV will be the most convenient and flexible way to make applications. Consider your CV as a marketing tool, in which you are marketing yourself and “selling” your skills, qualifications and experience. Although, since the CV is your image, it can be structured as wished, but completes within the following basic framework.

1. Map out key points

Map key points considering your work experience and educational background. You can separate the sections and make bullet points which will help you create an organized structure in order to successfully add the most impressive ones in the final version.

2. Complete a structure

A second step is to create a structure providing all the key points you have organized in the previous step.

Contact Information

It is very important to add your contact info such as full name, number, email or personal website. This way the company can easily contact you if in interest.

Educational Background

Provide all the information about your educational background. Such as, the name and location of your University followed by your major and degree of certification. You could also add courses you have taken or even activities you have participated in.

Previous Experience

When adding your past work experience, its good to add action words, such as, planned, developed etc. You should try and relate the skills to the jobs. For example, even if you have worked in a shop you should mention “working in a team” or “providing quality service to costumers”. In this section, part-time jobs, internships, volunteering work should be mentioned but depending on the job you are applying you do not need to write everything you have done. In other words, write experience that you have gained skills or developed responsibilities.

Skills and Hobbies

Adding your skills is very important, since you are showing them your competencies, such as your knowledge in Microsoft programs. Furthermore, is very important for you to have a hobby because you show how you spend your personal time and therefore how that completes you as a person. Although, make sure when to focus on those that are related to your chosen career.

3. Highlight your accomplishments

If you just started searching for a job, and have no past work experience, you should highlight your academic and personal accomplishments. To be exact, you can emphasize on any type of awards you won in projects, or scholarships and other class projects you worked on. For example, if you were in a team project and the project went well you could add “leadership” as a skill you have gained from that experience. This could fill any gap in your CV.

It is very important to notice, that you should always keep your CV updated and depending on the job you are applying to, change and put emphasis in the area in interest.

Hope you found this information helpful. Please if you have any question, don’t hesitate contact us.